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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "A week ago we reported that a second preview release of Project Indiana, Sun's attempt at creating an operating system for the desktop based upon OpenSolaris and led by Ian Murdock, was on track to be released in the near future. Thursday afternoon that became true with the test image surfacing for Developer Preview 2 of Project Indiana, or what will formally be called OpenSolaris. Officially, this new release is known as the OpenSolaris Developer Preview 1/08 edition. The general availability release of Project Indiana is expected in March, but today we have up a tour of this new Indiana release."
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indiana + intel wireless
by ormandj on Sun 3rd Feb 2008 23:30 UTC
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I've been using OSOL/Solaris for quite some time, and I applaud those who have made it possible. The progress is amazing, and I think you've peaked a lot of people's interest.

That said, I really hope you can release a version of OSOL that has working wireless on the majority of laptop adapters. Specifically, Intel wireless devices.

Support has been moving along, b79 added support for iwi + wpa (my situation.) However, from what I have read, due to export restrictions or some such, the crypto code necessary for anything beyond rc4 it's very unlikely you'll be able to connect to a WPA secured network.

Now, from what I've read, b82 integrated the necessary code to make wpa "work", so to speak. Again, this is only based on what I have read.

All of this said, when should I hope to be able to use wireless on wpa protected networks? Will it be functional in the "release" of OSOL/Indiana in March? The reason I ask (aside from the obvious desire of mine) is simply due to what I feel would be a big letdown for potential users who have picked up on the buzz. I've already talked a few buddies into checking out Indiana, but they all came back to me a day or two later to tell me they couldn't get wireless working, so they threw in the towel.

I really want OSOL to succeed, and I really feel this "sore" point (which seems to have already been sorted from what I read) needs to be fixed.

That, and the rendering in Firefox. Yikes, talk about jaggies. ;)

Thanks again for all of your great work, if you continue at the pace you're going, I think things are going to work out just fine!


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