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KDE This article details the story of a KDE-loving software engineer who was forced to use Windows for his job. "His only hope was that he knew Qt was cross compatible with Windows Linux and Mac, and there was talk that someday, KDE was to be ported to Windows. So he waited. Well, KDE4 was announced and there was much joy. Betas were released and there was much bitching. KDE4.0.0 was released and there again was much joy (and still a little bitching). More importantly an actual honest to goodness Windows port is released. Here follows that engineer's report."
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RE: diening windows?
by marcusesq on Mon 4th Feb 2008 05:54 UTC in reply to "diening windows?"
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I think your brain is dying (diening?) Your personality and sense of reason have obviously stopped working and now your sense of humour and spelling ability is on the way out.

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RE[2]: diening windows?
by netdur on Mon 4th Feb 2008 09:18 in reply to "RE: diening windows?"
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or I suck trolling!? am just newbie, don't be harsh

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