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KDE This article details the story of a KDE-loving software engineer who was forced to use Windows for his job. "His only hope was that he knew Qt was cross compatible with Windows Linux and Mac, and there was talk that someday, KDE was to be ported to Windows. So he waited. Well, KDE4 was announced and there was much joy. Betas were released and there was much bitching. KDE4.0.0 was released and there again was much joy (and still a little bitching). More importantly an actual honest to goodness Windows port is released. Here follows that engineer's report."
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As long as linux won't respect people investment ...

Pardon my descent into grammar-nazi-hood but:

Linux is *based* on people investment much more so than, but not exclusive of, capital investment.

As long as you value [old, but classic] games over the bulk of available productive, stable, but not easily backwards compatible functionality you should be running Donkey Kong or some other Mario-based system on WII, no?

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Actually this is a bad example if you look at all the support consoles producers brougth to their old consoles
PS 2 : compatible with ps 1
PS 3 : compatible with ps 2 (and ps1 ? i don't know)

I may remember that there was some sort of compatibilty between supernes and n64 if you bought the proper cartridge adapter and actually
the wii can play old game through emulation (it's not properly talking binary compatibility but, the same can be said for mac os X ppc which was able to launch classic application and for mac os classic which was able to run 68k code (and of course, see Rosetta for mactel machine).
What does it mean ? it means that an os provider actually care about software (games or others) bought by users and doesn't threw away the baby with the bath's water every time he makes an update to the os (or a major change for that matter).
But this is an old debate so...

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