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Linux "The Elive Linux distribution combines beauty with ease of use. Elive is based on Debian and uses Enlightenment as its windows manager, which gives the distribution a Mac OS X look and feel. Elive comes with dozens of easy-to-use desktop applications that just work. Elive started as a live CD, but now at version 1.0 it works well as a standard hard drive installation. The latest unstable ISO, 1.5, should be released shortly."
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E is ugly
by Touvan on Wed 6th Feb 2008 16:45 UTC
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I played with E for a while, and it's pretty impressively responsive, and fast loading. The only problem I have with it, is that by default, the theme tends to be ugly - and that includes the linked distro.

I'm saying that's a permanent problem by any means, it's just a them for a very customizable window manager. If they want to impress anyone, they are going to need to get some real high end design intervention.

That's the same problem KDE has in my opinion. It's impressive, but the rough edges are just too hard to look past (KDE in particular is always far too cluttered looking IMO - despite the impressive eye candy).

Just my 2 cents.

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RE: E is ugly
by tupp on Wed 6th Feb 2008 17:16 in reply to "E is ugly"
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The default theme is chosen or created by the distro.

Here is the default Enlightenment theme for gOS (previously linked by ashlinux):

As you may recall, gOS was the operating system used on the Everex machines that sold-out at Walmart within two weeks. So, they must be doing something right with their theme.

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