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GNU, GPL, Open Source One of the most surprising things about Microsoft's bid for Yahoo is that if successful it will make Microsoft one of the two or three largest users of open source software in the world. Google is certainly the largest. The National Security Agency may or may not be second (only the spooks know for sure), but if it is then by my estimate that would make Yahoo the third.
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by alucinor on Thu 7th Feb 2008 16:54 UTC
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Microsoft needs to focus on creating a proprietary operating system. This is their core competency. As much as I love open source, MS has the opportunity to excel at what open source doesn't, and that is quickly producing polished and integrated products. They have so much cash, if they eliminated their management problems, they could recreate an entire open source ecosystem within the walls of the company, and pay their developers four times as much. But NOOO they make their developers feel second-class and put the pointy-hairs, lawyers, and marketers on a pedestal.

Imagine if we had two strong examples of development models: MS, committed to their proprietary software-as-product model, and open source, committed to free software and services around that.

Open source scales best with scientific passion, Closed source scales best with money.

I'm not for MS closing protocols, or specifications even, but with all their cash, why can't they make a kernel that screams, a runtime that blows the crap out of the JVM, and amazing scripting languages that do cartwheels around what's existing? Sure, close the implementations, sell them as a product. Make open source forever play catch-up to the elite "evil" of your products. Embrace your role as Empire of the Dark Side of the force, we'd be down with that!

They play this role well already ... they don't need to play dirty, they just need to be COOL evil. Not this lameness you often get from them trying to run around in too many directions.

Cut off all these other divisions, MS, and focus on your money-makers.

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