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Apple After reviewing the HDD model, Ars now looks at the SSD variant of the MacBook Air. They conclude: "The USD 1300 question is whether the SSD is worth the extra cash. The answer seems to be no. I experienced only moderate gains in battery life and not very noticeable speed differences. The one major benefit of the SSD model is that it doesn't cause the same types of slowdowns as the HDD model during times of high disk activity, and that's certainly a huge plus. Speedy read times are great, too, but they are balanced out by pokey write times. Still, even if it's more usable, it's hard to justify the huge price difference for the SSD model."
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This was a workmanlike review
by alcibiades on Fri 8th Feb 2008 07:21 UTC
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A decent workmanlike and informative review this one. The original review of the Air represented a further stage in the decline of Ars however, where it started devoting all that space to the packaging the thing came in. WTF, you said to yourself, is this all about? How can the editors be tolerating this stuff? I mean, the assumption that your readers are really going to be interested in the packaging to that extent, what does that tell you? Cultish.

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It's when I read stuff like "In the end, however, the install took about five and half hours from start to finish, with a quick swap of install discs toward the end. I was pleasantly surprised (...)" (from recent Infinite Loop blog entry) I think about giving up on Ars Technica :/

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Well, try installing Vista over wifi then. You'll be unpleasantly surpirsed.

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