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OS/2 and eComStation Last month, IBM made an announcement that put an end to any hope of an open source OS/2. Responding to requests from an online community that had previously collected 11,600 signatures in support of its cause, the company confirmed that they would not be releasing the source code of their OS/2 operating system. I used OS/2 as my main operating system for about four years, and unlike some former users, my reaction to the news sits somewhere between disinterest and relief.
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RE: Say this one and final time
by Kyuubu on Fri 8th Feb 2008 09:21 UTC in reply to "Say this one and final time"
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"Microsoft no longer owns OS/2 code. When IBM was going to go the "distribution" route Microsoft signed off on it and IBM went their separate ways."

I'd be interested to see any sources you took this information from. According to wikipedia, Microsoft still owns parts of the OS/2 code.

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According to wikipedia [...]

What makes you think Wikipedia is a reliable source?

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Kyuubu Member since:

What makes you think Wikipedia is a reliable source?

The wikipedia check process and community makes it to me a bit more reliable than some comment, but I agree it's not a source of pure truth : That's why I'd be interested in seeing some real sources. I really meant it, I was not being sarcastic or anything ;)

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AFAIR Microsfts ownership of OS/2 is somewhat reduced to HPFS - which by the time of eCS 2.0 being released (It features a bootable JFS) is not really a key feature anymore.

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