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Apple After reviewing the HDD model, Ars now looks at the SSD variant of the MacBook Air. They conclude: "The USD 1300 question is whether the SSD is worth the extra cash. The answer seems to be no. I experienced only moderate gains in battery life and not very noticeable speed differences. The one major benefit of the SSD model is that it doesn't cause the same types of slowdowns as the HDD model during times of high disk activity, and that's certainly a huge plus. Speedy read times are great, too, but they are balanced out by pokey write times. Still, even if it's more usable, it's hard to justify the huge price difference for the SSD model."
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RE[2]: Typical
by kaiwai on Fri 8th Feb 2008 20:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Typical"
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Agreed. SSD is an exciting advancement and I hope that Apple doesn't have another Cube on their hands. Time will tell I suppose!

Sorry to sound like the harbinger of doom but given the current economic concerns in the US, and the reluctance by consumers in those countries which are growing to spend the amount of money Apple demands for its MacBook Air, I think they're way out of touch with reality.

I've talked to people who wanted a more portable notebook and all they wanted wasn't this MacBook Air but simply a return of the 12inch Pro model which they used to sell. Its hardly a big proposition, and would have been a lot cheaper to deliver to customers.

Like I said previously, if it were NZ$2999 for a model which included SSD by default, it would be a great deal but right now its nothing more than an expensive white elephant for those who have more dollars than sense.

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