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SuSE, openSUSE The second alpha release of OpenSUSE 11.0 has been released. It comes with Linux 2.6.24, KDE 4.0.1, GNOME 2.21.90, 2.4 beta, and a whole lot more. OpenSUSE has gotten all modern lately, so the release announcement even includes fancy screenshots. Enjoy.
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RE: KDE 4.1
by elsewhere on Sat 9th Feb 2008 23:11 UTC in reply to "KDE 4.1"
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Please let it be so, I deeply want to see opensuse 11.0 ship with KDE 4.1!

I agree it would be nice in principle, particularly given Novell/openSUSE involvement with KDE4 development.

However, it's an artificial milestone and people shouldn't be too disappointed if it doesn't happen.

openSUSE does a phenomenal job with their supplemental KDE releases, and they integrate well enough into the platform with the openSUSE customizations that you'd think they were part of the default install.

Plus, openSUSE has parallel package builds going on right now, with 4.0.1 + the most useful patches from trunk, as well as 4.1 snapshots. Even if 4.1 doesn't make it, 4.0.x will still be much more than a vanilla 4.0.x desktop.

There was even some mention at the last opensuse-kde meeting that if 4.1 has to be packaged and released after the release of 11.0, that it may still be officially supported by the project. They could even do a re-spin with an 11.0/4.1 single-disc install.

At any rate, who knows what will happen until we get closer to the date... Regardless, I don't think KDE users will feel shortchanged when 11.0 ships. ;)

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RE[2]: KDE 4.1
by REMF on Sun 10th Feb 2008 16:16 in reply to "RE: KDE 4.1"
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"They could even do a re-spin with an 11.0/4.1 single-disc install."

Now that would be stupendous news.

suse devs rock!

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