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Linux Terra Soft has announced the release of Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 for Sony PlayStation 3, Apple G4/G5, and IBM System p, a CentOS and Fedora-based specialist distribution designed for the Power architecture.
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Comment by forrestm
by amaze_9 on Sun 10th Feb 2008 02:48 UTC
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There was a lot of hype surrounding PS3 Linux when the PS3 was released.

We've heard very little of it recently - was it just another marketing point used by Sony?

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RE: Comment by forrestm
by zizban on Sun 10th Feb 2008 03:17 in reply to "Comment by forrestm"
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No, it wasn't, but well else do you need to know? It's there, supported and updated.

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RE[2]: Comment by forrestm
by moondevil on Sun 10th Feb 2008 11:04 in reply to "RE: Comment by forrestm"
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It is not what this page says

As a PS2 Linux owner, I see Sony's Linux support for the PS3 as a marketing trick.

Where is the graphics support? How come it is an official supported OS, and only half of the hardware is really supported on the Yellow Dog distribution?

We PS2 Linux owners know that the support used to be much better than what Yellow Dog provides for the PS3.

Many people say that we should be glad just to have the opportunity to program the Cell processor. For me that is not enough.

I want a Linux distribution for the PS3 that provides me the same hardware access that the PS2 Linux provides.

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RE: Comment by forrestm
by Nathan O. on Sun 10th Feb 2008 05:23 in reply to "Comment by forrestm"
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Oh, it's there. The PS3 is just a low end, PPC-based computer with limited memory and this interesting feature where it has half a dozen processors that can do fast math like crazy. I've been watching to see what interesting apps develop from this interesting feature, but so far, it's mostly a lot of success stories where so-and-so needed a super computer, bought X number of PS3s instead, and is now making scientific calculations on the cheap with great results, but their code won't help anyone who isn't (for example) calculating the trajectories of raindrops in a hurricane.

There are a couple of cool things like toolkits and ray tracers, but nothing yet that turns the PS3 into a super cool server appliance or desktop wonder.

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RE[2]: Comment by forrestm
by santana on Sun 10th Feb 2008 19:39 in reply to "RE: Comment by forrestm"
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Oh, you mean things like making PS3 a PVR, automatically driving a Jeep or calculating gravity waves or streaming games from your PC to PS3 in realtime? ;)

Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
Aerospace Corp
Argonne National Lab
Astek Corp
Columbia University
Computational Research Labs, India
Digital Video S.p.A
Dream Works
Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
General Dynamics Robotic Systems
Georgia Institute of Tech, College of Computing
Georgia Southern University
Honeywell-Defense Avionics Systems
Isilon Systems
Los Alamos National Lab
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
LG Electronics
MIT Lincoln Lab
Naval Post Grad School
Naval Underseas Warfare Center
Oak Ridge National Lab, DOE
Purdue University

Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory
Stanford University
University of Alaska
University of Akron, Ohio
University of Buffalo, New York
University of California, CalTech
University of California Davis, CS Department
University of Delaware
University of Kentucky, Center for Visualization
University of Maryland, Laboratory for Physical Science (LPS)
University of Minnesota
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Uviversity of Utah
Uppsala University, Department of Cell & Molecular Biology
U.S. Army Research Lab
U.S. Airforce Research Lab (AFRL)
U.S. Food & Drug Administration
U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center
U.S. Naval Post Grad School
Wright Patterson Airforce Base

I'm sure this guys are finding lots of cool ways to use PS3, Cell blades and Linux. Not to mention that all standard Linux desktop software works on PS3.

I don't know what exactly did you expect. Linux on PS3 works really nice, works fast enough, installation is easy, and damn thing plays games too. All for 400$.

It is probably not for every PS3 user out there, but there are quite few of us that find it really handy.

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