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Xfce "Xfce is just as customizable as KDE or GNOME, so I set myself a goal: make Xubuntu look like Windows Vista. Though you won't be told how to achieve the exact same end result, this guide provides comprehensive instructions helping you make Xubuntu look the way you want it to. In any case, I would certainly not recommend such a setup for someone new to Xubuntu. Xubuntu is different than Windows; making it look similar is only confusing."
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RE[4]: the goal, pfft
by UltraZelda64 on Mon 11th Feb 2008 21:07 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: the goal, pfft"
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"Resource saving? XFCE? Yes, I remember the time when XFCE, while using GTK1.x was actually resource-saving compared to a full blown gnome desktop. Nowdays it's almost identical to gnome."

Huh? I've had the complete opposite experience. Xfce is relatively lightweight, quite full-featured, and fast. Certainly much less resource-hungry than Gnome, and faster. Much, much faster and less resource hungry. Comparing it with Gnome is just... wrong.

"I've tried "xubuntu" on a 400Mhz box a couple of weeks ago, and I can assure Windows XP has an overall better responsive UI, just thanks to XFCE."

Ah-ha. That's your problem. (Tries to hold laugh...) Xubuntu... that distro is the bloated, huge, might-as-well-be-Gnome disgrace to Xfce that you're talking about. Try to use a REAL Xfce distro, one that doesn't neuter the desktop environment by making it try to be Gnome (both in look and feel, and sluggishness) or something else it's not. I would recommend KateOS, Zenwalk or the Xfce install disc of Debian if you want a good representative of the Xfce4.

Kwort also seems to be very nice, although at this point it seems to be too young and slow-moving in terms of releases for me to recommend it. VectorLinux is also a speedy distro using Xfce, although its GUI is modified to look more like Windows'... it's one of the fastest distros out there.

SAM Linux is similar in its desktop layout to VectorLinux, but it's based on PCLinuxOS, and is of course an installable live CD as a result (though Vector has a live CD as well).I'm not a fan of PCLOS or SAM, but they are pretty decent.

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