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BeOS & Derivatives With many recent stability fixes and other improvements by Michael Lotz (mmlr) as well as others - he was able to finally nail down a couple last minor tweaks that allowed him to checkout the Haiku source from the SVN repository, compile a raw Haiku image, and test it in QEMU entirely from his Haiku install. This is the first time ever that Haiku has reportedly 'self-hosted', an unofficial important requirement for an alpha release. Please note that there are a few technicalities to be ironed out before the process can be easily reproduced by all. Update: Please note that Haiku won't be taking over the world just yet.
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I don't know what the excitement is about porting Java to Haiku. You may as well say, "me and a couple of buddies of mine are going to build a 15,000 sq. ft. house at the top of one of the Smokey Mountains with one pickup truck to haul supplies but we can only do it on the weekends if our wives and kids don't obligate us to do other things". It's a monumental effort.

They could port Mono with 1/10th the effort it's going to take to get that Java monster running 100% and then with two very nice front-end development tools available, SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop, you'd get the application programmer productivity level higher and a lot more people could be contributing worthwhile desktop applications faster.

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The same people got Java extensively ported to BeOS R5 - it nowhere near as complicated as you seem to assume. Theres screenshots of relatively complex Java applications running under BeOS R5. Which, as it goes, is a harder OS to port things to due to worse POSIX compliance and generally being older.

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There is also a video of Java running in BeOS:


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And also because we can't fix bugs in BeOS. Firefox for instance has a lot of 'fixes' to get around BeOS bugs. The most interesting one would be the way to get around loading libraries. (BeOS only had 32MB reserved memory for ALL apps that loaded 'addon'-libraries).

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