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FreeBSD The FreeBSD project has released the second release candidate for FreeBSD 7.0. "We sincerely hope this will be the last of the public tests for 7.0 and that the -RELEASE builds will start in about a week and a half. If bug(s) considered big enough to be show-stoppers are found we will of course reconsider but hopefully we're in good enough shape now to proceed with the release."
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There is often confusion regarding the definitions of the different FreeBSD releases and development branches. As far as I know, FreeBSD-STABLE is the branch the major releases are made from. For the new x.0 releases FreeBSD-CURRENT is branched to create FreeBSD-STABLE. Generally changes will go into FreeBSD-CURRENT first for testing and may later go into the FreeBSD-STABLE branch.

I think 6.x will be defined as "Legacy" and 7.0 will be defined as "Release" rather than "new technology", since as of 7.0 the new technology will go into FreeBSD-CURRENT for the forthcoming 8.0. "New technology" would make it sound untested and at any rate would not be relevant for later 7.x releases.

I may be wrong so please correct me.

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There is often confusion regarding the definitions of the different FreeBSD releases and development branches.

You're done a good job in giving a short summary how naming conversions are to be understood.

For a comparison between CURRENT and STABLE from FreeBSD itself you could refer to:

FreeBSD-CURRENT is the latest working sources for FreeBSD. This includes work in progress, experimental changes, and transitional mechanisms that might or might not be present in the next official release of the software. While many FreeBSD developers compile the FreeBSD-CURRENT source code daily, there are periods of time when the sources are not buildable. These problems are resolved as expeditiously as possible, but whether or not FreeBSD-CURRENT brings disaster or greatly desired functionality can be a matter of which exact moment you grabbed the source code in!

FreeBSD-STABLE is our development branch from which major releases are made. Changes go into this branch at a different pace, and with the general assumption that they have first gone into FreeBSD-CURRENT for testing. This is still a development branch, however, and this means that at any given time, the sources for FreeBSD-STABLE may or may not be suitable for any particular purpose. It is simply another engineering development track, not a resource for end-users.

The RCs and the final RELEASE are usually built from a "snapshot" in the STABLE branch. End users usually are happy with RELEASE, while CURRENT and even STABLE may not fit their needs.

Regarding version naming, I think FreeBSD 6 will be "legacy", while FreeBSD 7 will be "production". FreeBSD 8 will be the "upcoming release" as soon as it's developed that far.

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