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Xfce "By popular demand, I decided to push the limits of Xfce's customisability even further. This time, I would make it look like Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. This task proved more difficult than trying to make it look like Windows Vista. Though I haven't achieved the same degree of perfection as I did when replicating Vista, I still think I came pretty close."
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I still don't understand.

Here's a completely different version of the desktop you're used to, the keystrokes aren't the same, the menus aren't remotely similar, the applications aren't going to act like what you are used to...

but it'll be easier to move to linux!

I'm all for Linux trying to gain desktop momentum, but do it in a way that sets it apart from the others, not copying the look of another OS. GNOME and KDE have their own look and feel, sure they are similarities, but they aren't all that different that people will feel lost in the UI if they have used any other WIMP interface before. Copying another OS to a point where it looks almost exactly like it (while probably breaking a lot of copyright laws where applicable).

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His problem was, he had done Vista. What comes next? Its not really about OSX, its about one person hacking away at xfce and needing an opponent 'worthy of his steel'. XP was too old hat. That left OSX.

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Ok, if it was purely a 'let me see if i can do it' thing, then ok. But people were saying that this helps converts. Like I said before, I'm all for linux progressing further into the desktop, but it has to be able to do it without blatantly copying an interface...otherwise it's no different than the korean rip offs selling Sorny batteries, or Magnabox televisions...

I appreciate and recognize the customizability of XFCE + GTK, I really do. I just wish we could see some really interesting results as opposed to Vista or Leopard rehashes.

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