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Fedora Core "KDE 4 is seen by many to be the next big step on the free software desktop, while others think releasing 4.0 in its current condition was misleading and a mistake. Either way, it's an innovative release and inline with Fedora's goal of providing the latest and greatest free software it is set to be the default KDE environment in the next major release of Fedora. We caught up with two members of the KDE SIG to talk about the work they're doing to get it ready for release, their own opinions on the software and what they think about the progress made by Fedora in getting over its GNOME centric reputation."
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RE[5]: Unusable. Unready.
by miro on Mon 18th Feb 2008 14:35 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Unusable. Unready."
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Rebuild with debug and post a bug, otherwise shut up. Don't piss on other people work you are using for free!

I use kde4 apps in my kde3 installation, checkout kdesvn-build it is really easy if you are not afraid of compiling. I'm waiting for kmail & amarok to get ported, then I switch to kde4 for good (e.g. remove kde3 packages).

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