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Mac OS X "Leopard started out with a generous share of first-version glitches, but almost all of them have now been resolved by the second of two automated updates, which brings Leopard up to version 10.5.2. Finally, Leopard is extravagantly overdressed for the jobs that it's designed to do, and its pervasive eye-candy starts out looking dazzling but soon becomes distracting. Fortunately, from the beginning, the OS started out with options that let you put it on a low-eye-sugar diet, and the latest update has even more."
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RE[3]: My Experience
by NathanHill on Thu 21st Feb 2008 17:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: My Experience"
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Surprisingly for me, on this little Powerbook G4, Dashboard is actually usable after the graphics update and 10.5.2. I'm not sure why exactly... but there is no lag when I open Dashboard now. Normally, I just turned it off as something that I couldn't use.

However, I did end up wiping my hard drive and installing Leopard from scratch though. I did not upgrade. This also means I have a lot less system enhancements now than in Tiger.

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