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Opera Software Opera Software's CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner explains why they will not release the Opera browser as open source, arguing that open standards are more important than open source. Von Tetzchner also talks about the company's antitrust complaint to the European Commission in which it accuses Microsoft of abusing its dominant position by tying Internet Explorer to Windows.
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RE: Microsoft = Monopoly
by tomcat on Fri 22nd Feb 2008 00:23 UTC in reply to "Microsoft = Monopoly"
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It does not matter if Opera is whinning because of this or that, they are right, Microsoft is abusing it's stron position in the desktop to push their useless and insecure browser with it.

And the rebuttal is ... so what? We've already covered this ground before, and it amounted to nothing. At the behest of RealNetworks, the EC forced MS to produce a version of Windows without Media Player. And do you know what happened? NOBODY wanted it. OEMs ignored it. Customers who wanted an alternative to Media Player had already downloaded one. So, the issue died with a pathetic whimper. What bothers me here is that we're dealing with exactly the same issues -- just a different tool -- and we're going to see the same result, if the EC forces MS to produce a version of Windows without IE. Granted, that would be a boon to the EC because they'd probably get to bilk MS out of hundreds of millions of Euros in punitive fines. But it would mean exactly ZILCH to the end-user. Which is supposed to be what this is all about. Of course, being rational adults, we realize that it's really more about influence: Who has it, who wants it, who throws it around, and what it costs. My advice would be to drop the whole thing and advise Opera to get into a business that has better longterm potential than Web browsers. They're so 1999, and Firefox offers better value.

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