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Opera Software Opera Software's CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner explains why they will not release the Opera browser as open source, arguing that open standards are more important than open source. Von Tetzchner also talks about the company's antitrust complaint to the European Commission in which it accuses Microsoft of abusing its dominant position by tying Internet Explorer to Windows.
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RE[2]: hrmmm
by renox on Fri 22nd Feb 2008 10:28 UTC in reply to "RE: hrmmm"
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>>"open standards are more important than open source"
>I can agree with that.
>Then you also agree that it's a valid choice.
>But I think it's a bogus choice.

True, it's not a choice but what Opera's CEO was saying is that their browser is standard compliant which is more important than being opensource or not, and I agree with that.

As for FF vs Opera: I prefer Opera as it's more responsive.

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RE[3]: hrmmm
by da_Chicken on Fri 22nd Feb 2008 18:25 in reply to "RE[2]: hrmmm"
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But this Tetzchner guy is clearly talking about open source vs. open standards as a choice that is worth considering.

Quote from the article:
"If you have a choice between open standards and open source, our choice would always be open standards."

He could have just said that Opera doesn't care for open source instead of setting up bogus choices. That would have been more honest, but it's not good PR.

I think his most sincere comment comes in the end of the same answer:
"and there would be the risk that people would look at our code and run away with it."

That seems to be the real reason why Opera isn't open source, and it has nothing to do with advocating open standards.

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RE[4]: hrmmm
by TLZ_ on Tue 26th Feb 2008 15:02 in reply to "RE[3]: hrmmm"
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They aren't really claiming otherwise, are they?

Opera live on making programs, and running the bussiness would simply not be sustainable with open source.

(Remember that Opera isn't say... Apple who have a lot of renevue allready and don't have a problem with people using WebKit.)

They need to make money to stay alive as a bussiness, nobody(including Opera) is denying.

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