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KDE "KDE 4.1 will be what everyone expected 4.0 to be - a fully functional revolutionary Linux desktop. I took a look at the revision 777000 of this desktop environment and what you get is a visual changelog describing the current progress in terms of look and feel and the features." It has Bejeweled KDiamond? I'm sold.
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RE: Stupid "plasmoids"
by joeprusa on Sun 24th Feb 2008 09:05 UTC in reply to "Stupid "plasmoids""
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Keyboard LED applet? Just ask anyone with a Logitech wireless keyboard..
Very useful IMHO, but you won't know untill you actually need it.

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RE[2]: Stupid "plasmoids"
by Moochman on Sun 24th Feb 2008 10:43 in reply to "RE: Stupid "plasmoids""
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That said it should have an option to display text next to the virtual leds, so you know which one is which. Haven't tested it myself, so I can't speak to whether this is already an option.

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RE[2]: Stupid "plasmoids"
by diegocg on Sun 24th Feb 2008 14:48 in reply to "RE: Stupid "plasmoids""
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I do have one, and I have never needed such tool. If anything, just a small "popup", like the one in the XP login window would be more than enought.

Do the developers think that I'm going to care to take a look at the plasma desktop or the menu bar to look at this applet each time I need to type something?? Seriously.

I'm surprised to see this kind of things when there's so much work to do in very very basic things like the menu. Look at that menu in 4.1 in the link, "OMG, transparencies!". I really hope it's not the final version, because I'm humbly waiting for a Plasma version that doesn't makes me login out from the KDE 4 session.

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RE[3]: Stupid "plasmoids"
by joeprusa on Sun 24th Feb 2008 20:08 in reply to "RE[2]: Stupid "plasmoids""
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OK, that's your opinion. As for me - I absolutely hate that stupid popup thing on Windows and actually had to install a panel applet for it. Horses for courses...

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