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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Canonical today hoped to preempt all comers today with news of Ubuntu Mobile. Its first Linux variant aimed at handhelds, the software is tailored for the Mobile Internet Devices expected to launch in spring based on Intel's Silverthorne technology and is designed to recognize basic iPhone-like gestures such as swiping to scroll through menus and websites. A scrolling visual front end based on Flash or Clutter replaces the traditional Ubuntu desktop and is designed to be used solely with fingers, including an on-screen keyboard."
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RE[2]: MPX on mobile?
by lemur2 on Thu 28th Feb 2008 06:08 UTC in reply to "RE: MPX on mobile?"
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I´d like this for my old slow laptop! Ubuntu needs to release an easy to use, modern operating system for really old hardware that can easily run Windows 98 but not Ubuntu proper.

Damsmall Linux (DSL) runs on systems that could barely run Windows 98.

I got DSL running on an old Toshiba laptop ... it had just 32MB of RAM and all of 4GB of disk, 800x600 screen. I think it was a Tecra 440.

DSL was just fine.

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