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Fedora Core "Paul Frields is new to Red Hat, but he's not new to the Fedora Linux community. Frields became the Fedora project leader and a Red Hat employee at the beginning of February. Previously Frields was a US government employee and a contributor to the Fedora community for more than four years. Frields takes over at a pivotal time for Fedora as it gears up for its next major release, Fedora 9. A feature freeze is currently set for March 4, and Frields is already ready to chat about where Fedora is heading."
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by unoengborg on Sat 1st Mar 2008 03:06 UTC
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The FreeIPA stuff sounds really interesting. The lack of this kinds of tools have hold Linux back for a long time.

Yes, it is true that there have been openldap, and that sudo, dhcp, key storage for ssh have been able to use LDAP for a very long time. The problem is that there haven't been any way of setting it all up that looked remotely attractive to a windows admin that wanted to move from AD to Linux.

It is first with, the introduction of fedora-ds that we have got an easy to use LDAP server, and that have not even been part most Linux distros. But even with a good GUI fedora-ds is still a directory server that requires a lot of knowledge to integrate with other parts of the system. Hopefully, FreeIPA will do the trick in that respect, even though I think there are more things should be managable centrally. One such thing would be central management of gconf-keys in Gnome

Speaking of Gnome, this feels just as big as when Ubuntu? did their first distro that didn't have their program menu filled with 10 different programs of each kind, but instead selected a few good ones that worked well together, and by doing so created a professional looking Linux desktop that we now see on most distros, including Fedora.

Another thing that makes me long for Fedora 9 is the new Gnomve GVFS. Finally Gnome will have something that can compete with the elegance of KDE kioslaves. Using KDE have been like sitting in front of Internet while using Gnome have been like sitting in front of the computer. Now, with Gnome 2.22, users will hopfully both sit in front of the Internet, and enjoy the clean usable interface of Gnome.

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