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Fedora Core "Paul Frields is new to Red Hat, but he's not new to the Fedora Linux community. Frields became the Fedora project leader and a Red Hat employee at the beginning of February. Previously Frields was a US government employee and a contributor to the Fedora community for more than four years. Frields takes over at a pivotal time for Fedora as it gears up for its next major release, Fedora 9. A feature freeze is currently set for March 4, and Frields is already ready to chat about where Fedora is heading."
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RE: Fedora
by arokh on Sat 1st Mar 2008 14:20 UTC in reply to "Fedora"
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You hope Fedora "gets it"?

You do realize that any such bug that you are describing would relate to either the kernel itself, or a patch for the kernel that Fedora has added?

There is also bugs in the Ubuntu kernel that is non-existant on the Fedora kernel. Does that mean Ubuntu also needs to "get it"?

The Fedora kernels are bleeding edge and uses the latest vanilla kernels coupled with tons of bugfixes by Redhat and others. If the bug that solves your problem is upstream it will be in the latest Fedora kernel. If not, you should report this bug so that someone can make it upstream. Or it will never get fixed.

In any case, you can't possibly judge the whole Fedora distrubution by this one issue that doesn't work for you.

I realize not all users are very tech savvie, but for heaven's sake, at least try the distribution on some different hardware and get it booted up before you make your verdict... Sheesh...

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