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Apple The envelope had been lying there on the minimalist desk all throughout Jobs' keynote. The rumours had been clear: Apple is going to launch a subnotebook, a sort of MacBook Mini. Despite the rumours, the collective gasp of amazement was clearly audible when Jobs pulled the MacBook Air out of the envelope. I have to admit, even I was all wowed. Consequently, you can imagine I was delighted when Apple NL agreed to loan me a review unit as soon as they had the MacBook Air in stock. Read on for the review.
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RE[2]: Connectivity
by jal_ on Sat 1st Mar 2008 16:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Connectivity"
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As if the ethernet port is the only thing that is missing. Please do not take any quotes out of context just to make them fit your argument.

The context is just above it Thom:

since out in the real world, freely accessible WiFi is uncommon. Sure, my university has WiFi, but that is only for students and employees. Cafeteria with WiFi are still a rarity in The Netherlands (even in Amsterdam), and WiFi hotspots out in the wild? (...) What about the rest of the world? Anything else but the western world? Rural Germany, France, or United States?

I was obviously also reacting to that. Your point seems "the MacBook Air should've had an ethernet port, since there's no WiFi in most parts of the (western) world", but in most parts of the (western) world, there's also no ethernet cables lying around to attach to (let alone in "rural Germany").


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RE[3]: Connectivity
by StephenBeDoper on Sat 1st Mar 2008 23:37 in reply to "RE[2]: Connectivity"
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I think Thom's point was simply that wired connections are still much more common than wireless - and that the lack of built-in ethernet will be an inconvenience for users in many situations.

In my personal experience, I've also found wireless networking to be less reliable and, often, much more hassle to get working. For a simple thought experiment, imagine a random sample of 2 typical laptop owners and stick them in a room with their laptops and a crossover ethernet cable. Then ask them to try to connect their laptops to one another via an ad-hoc wireless network, and then do the same using the x-over cable.

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RE[4]: Connectivity
by rockwell on Mon 3rd Mar 2008 21:28 in reply to "RE[3]: Connectivity"
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And then ask either of the typical laptop owners what a "crossover cable" even is.

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