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Fedora Core "Paul Frields is new to Red Hat, but he's not new to the Fedora Linux community. Frields became the Fedora project leader and a Red Hat employee at the beginning of February. Previously Frields was a US government employee and a contributor to the Fedora community for more than four years. Frields takes over at a pivotal time for Fedora as it gears up for its next major release, Fedora 9. A feature freeze is currently set for March 4, and Frields is already ready to chat about where Fedora is heading."
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RE: Fedora
by gilboa on Sat 1st Mar 2008 23:35 UTC in reply to "Fedora"
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I hope fedora gets it.

Gets... what?

I am using ubuntu and NEVER had a single problem with my hardware (asus a7n266vm)
Every feodra release I had lockups right in the boot itself. Feodra 8 lockup up in starting udev/usb(?something i dont recall).

While I am happy the you seem to have found a suitable distribution that works on your hardware without any issues, I should point out that unless you take the time to report this problem, it will not get fixed.
Far worse, Fedora might be using some new(er) patch/fix/update/etc that doesn't agree with your hardware and this patch/etc might just find its way to next version/update of Ubuntu, making it just as unstable as Fedora is. (on your hardware)

In short, I'd suggest you file a bug report.

Also I dont like their default themes (bluecurve?).

Bluecurve was replaced -looooong- ago.
Never the less, look-and-feel is customizable. Dismissing a distribution simply because you don't like it's default theme is, well, weird. (at least in my view)
For the record, I'm using a (heavily) customized KDE desktop on all my Fedora (and some RHEL/CentOS) machines.

[quote]Couldnt change the mac address of LAN card due to some security issues in feodra.[/quote]

Again, how, when, where, but report?
For the record, I'm using "customized" MAC addresses on a fairly large number of machines.

[quote]Although I had setup a mail server for a company on fedora 4 long time back and it was great.[/quote]

I'd think twice before setting up a production server using Fedora. Fedora is bleeding edge and has a fairly short (13 month) support cycle.
I'd use RHEL (or CentOS if I don't have a budget) instead.

Its a good option for people, but they need to get on the cooler side and win the techie crowd if they want to regain the old glory of redhat.

Cooler side?
I was under the impression that most people consider Fedora far-too-technical and nerd-oriented.
Other then that, your comment is -far- too general. What exactly do -you- consider cool? Are you certain that these "techies" (what-ever that means) share the same need for "coolness" as you?

- Gilboa

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RE[2]: Fedora
by sbergman27 on Sun 2nd Mar 2008 01:27 in reply to "RE: Fedora"
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I'd think twice before setting up a production server using Fedora. Fedora is bleeding edge and has a fairly short (13 month) support cycle.
I'd use RHEL (or CentOS if I don't have a budget) instead.

Fedora actually does a pretty reasonable job of maintaining stability, considering the *absolutely huge* patch volume they push through the updates channel. (About 1000 update packages per month!) I run production servers on both Fedora and CentOS, depending upon which makes more sense for the situation. Sometimes, one actually ends up sufferring with a bug for much *longer* with RHEL/CentOS than with Fedora. On a RHEL 4.x system, fuser -n is broken, and has been for years:

[root@farpoint ~]# fuser -n tcp 22
here: 22
22/tcp: 3606

[root@farpoint ~]# fuser -n tcp 222
here: 222

I reported it a long time ago. The decided not to fix it. I don't mean that they just ignored my report. They actually decided deliberately *not* to fix it. I guess they felt that fixing it would be too destabilizing.

Presumably, it's fixed in 5.0/5.1. But I'm not sure.

It has worked for a long time in Fedora.

On the other hand, I have had more Fedora bugs which get reported and then ignored than with RHEL.

All in all, I'm moving more toward Fedora for production. It's a mixed bag, either way. And at least with Fedora software, and the bugs, are shiny and new. ;-)

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