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General Development "Ruby on Rails is a popular and powerful open source web framework for rapidly creating high-quality web applications to help you keep up with the speed of the Web. Rails is thriving on Mac OS X, and Leopard comes pre-installed with Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, Capistrano, Subversion, and other tools that help to streamline the development and deployment of Rails applications. This article gives you a full tour of Ruby on Rails 2.0 on Leopard - starting with building a web application using the latest Rails features with Xcode 3.0, and finishing with deploying the application to a production server running Leopard Server."
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RE[3]: The stack
by asdx24 on Sun 2nd Mar 2008 22:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The stack"
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There are Rails core contributors like Tim Pope (tpope) that uses Linux/Vim too ;)

Btw, tpope is also the author of Rails.vim and other good vim plugins.

And for me the best development platform is Linux of course.

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RE[4]: The stack
by google_ninja on Sun 2nd Mar 2008 22:49 in reply to "RE[3]: The stack"
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I didn't know that, I shouldnt have used absolutes like that without checking it out. What I should have said is that OSX is home to the majority of the RoR community.

And for me the best development platform is Linux of course.

Thats better then rails on Windows, where your best bet for a ruby app server is IIS with FCGI ;-) The big reason everyone loves developing ruby on the mac is due to the killer text editor TextMate, which imo has no match on any other platform.

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RE[5]: The stack
by sbergman27 on Mon 3rd Mar 2008 00:02 in reply to "RE[4]: The stack"
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I have noticed a strong inclination towards MacOSX, TextMate, and very permissive licenses among the new generation of Python based web frameworks, as well. Those traits seem to come as a unit for some reason. Actually, the pattern seems to be to develop on MacOSX and deploy on Ubuntu Linux.

Anyway, while I'm posting, I'll plug my personal favorite web framework:

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