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SCO, Caldera, Unixware The SCO Group plans to emerge from Chapter 11 soon and revealed that not only will it modify its business strategy towards mobile products, it will also replace chief executive officer Darl McBride and pick up the Linux and Unix license lawsuits against IBM and Novell. The new owner of The SCO Group, investment firm Stephen Norris Capital Partners, is planning to open a new chapter in SCO's Linux lawsuit history, which started back in March of 2003 when the company filed a USD 1 billion suit against IBM. As part of its plan organization, SCO announced that it will appeal the proceedings, which will begin with an appeal against a key decision in favor of Novell from August 10, 2007, which also impacts the lawsuit against IBM.
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This topic reminds me of the whole Palestinian/Israeli fighting going on. The Palestinians just never learn... you WON'T win. You CAN'T win.

And so it goes with SCO. May they incinerate from the inside and leave only ashes on the outside.

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This topic reminds me of the whole Palestinian/Israeli fighting going on. The Palestinians just never learn... you WON'T win. You CAN'T win.

And I suppose you forgot to add the obvious - "and neither can the Israeli's". No problem, we all forget things...

But back on topic, I agree that the continued pyrrhic battle to sue EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH is probably not a sound business strategy for SCO. It must sound good to the suits, though. I guess there's just something pleasant sounding about Mom, Apple Pie and Lawsuits to some business people.

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Wow, I don't know what to say.

I think your statement is in exceedingly bad taste. I don't understand how you can equate copyright and patent trolls, who are too stupid to know when to just drop it, with a an ethnic conflict that happens to involve two unmatched peoples fighting for what they consider to be their right and also their lives.

Dude, one costs money and is pretty pointless, the other one costs lives! It doesn't get any more serious than that!

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Actually, I think the comparison of SCO v. Linux and Palestine v. Israel is quite accurate. We'll leave out the ignorant "Palestinians WON'T win." comment because that just reeks of "I get my thoughts from Fox News, and have none of my own."

Let's put it this way, just as the US is funding/backing Israel (aka, the only reason that country/state even exists), the SCO group is being funded by <insert very large corporate by-proxy funding here> You all can draw your own conclusions as to whom that particular corporation may, or may not, be.

There is no way the SCO group (or any other American corporation filing Chpt. 11) should be let off the hook. This is exactly the reason why the US is in the lending turmoil it's in. Companies can borrow millions and millions, file Chapter 11, and then resume under a new moniker relatively free from any liability from previous debtors. Those at the top of the company should be made to pay their debts, whether they're dissolving the company that's filed, or while earning a paycheck in a new venture.

</end soapbox>

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