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Windows "If you've been paying attention to the various industry news outlets you've no doubt come across the story about the Microsoft engineer advocating Windows Server 2008 as a 'workstation' OS. According to him, if you make the right tweaks - installing the Desktop Experience feature, adding a few missing utilities, tuning the scheduler - you can turn Server 2008 into a fairly convincing Vista knock-off, one that's faster and more scalable than the original. Curious, we decided to see for ourselves just how well Server 2008 stacks-up to Vista with SP1." In addition, ExtremeTech has an article on Vista SP1 performance.
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I downloaded and installed Windows Server 2008 Standard 32bit on my iMac (late 2007) today. Movies, DirectX games and music work fine. You could even install Windows Media Player and Aero if you wanted to.

Then I installed graphics and sound drivers. Now it runs Team Fortress 2 even a bit faster than it did on Windows XP. (Timedemo 56.41 FPS vs. 58.56 FPS).

After this quick testdrive I am quite impressed. A "free", modern, fast Windows without all the crap installed. Yay! ;)

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Thanks for the info. Vista does not run Photoshop CS3, despite Adobe's false advertisement. Will photoshop run ok on Windows Server 2008?

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I'm sorry, I can't really help you with that question. But here is some information: Both Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 use the same kernel. If it doesn't run on Vista SP1, I doubt it will run on Server 2008.

Of course it's the best to try it yourself. Why not try to install it in a free/trial virtual machine like VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox or maybe qemu?

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What goes wrong when you try installing CS3? Are you on 64-bit or 32-bit? Have you tried running the thing as admin?

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