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SCO, Caldera, Unixware The SCO Group plans to emerge from Chapter 11 soon and revealed that not only will it modify its business strategy towards mobile products, it will also replace chief executive officer Darl McBride and pick up the Linux and Unix license lawsuits against IBM and Novell. The new owner of The SCO Group, investment firm Stephen Norris Capital Partners, is planning to open a new chapter in SCO's Linux lawsuit history, which started back in March of 2003 when the company filed a USD 1 billion suit against IBM. As part of its plan organization, SCO announced that it will appeal the proceedings, which will begin with an appeal against a key decision in favor of Novell from August 10, 2007, which also impacts the lawsuit against IBM.
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Actually, I never started this topic, but thanks for asking.

I'm sorry an entire region of the world hates your country's guts, but guess what.....they hate ours too. Mainly because we back yours. If you don't want to believe that, then fine. In this country you're entitled to your own opinion.

And while we're on the topic of Tea in China, what do you think about the Roger Clemens Fiasco? Troubling, isn't it?

So, let me see.
In my view, you had two reasonable options:
A. Leaving my post unanswered - letting this (unbelievably unrelated) sub-thread die. (AKA "The wise choice")
B. Answering my (trivial) questions - one by one, showing off you're in-depth knowledge in middle-eastern history and geography. (...)

... Instead, you offered some fake sympathy, further pushing your unrelated/unfounded/etc opinion coupled with some unrelated American base-ball trivia.
In short, you more or less proven my point. Thanks.

Now can we let this sub-thread die? Or are you just dieing to shove some deep American-idol-like insight down my throat?

- Gilboa

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You actually watch American Idol? How sad. I thought the Clemens thing was rather kind of funny. I guess you're too angry to see the humor.

I'm sorry if I didn't answer all your questions since you thought they were so pointed. I guess they are, for 8th grade world history pop-quizzes. I mean, excuse me if I don't regurgitate the "Trivial Pursuit - Middle East Edition" because someone ordered me to. You said something about 100 years of wars. What's the point of reference? You guys have only existed as a nation since '47, or '49 depending on the source. Believe me, I'm for claiming independence and all, but you got to admit, a world body coming into somebody's country (or former territory) and carving out another country can't make for friendly relations with the neighbors. Especially if the neighbors kinda believe in the same stuff that former occupants of the aforementioned territory believe in. I mean, if I started claiming half of my neighbor's ground as my own, and then using the police to protect me and justify it, I'd think the rest of the neighborhood would be a little miffed too.

I agree, we should let this thread die. I have the feeling that you and I will be arguing two sides of the same point, in time. And that, to me, is a waste of time.

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