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My annoyances with OSX
by chiwaw on Mon 10th Mar 2008 19:12 UTC
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My two main OS are Windows XP and Mac OSX 10.5, with the occasional foray in Ubuntu.

XP and Leopard are definitely the two best Desktop OS around, but I don't get why OSX is always considered the best interface, and here's my reasons. Those are the little things that annoys the hell out of me while not being "fatal". But enough to make me feels like XP is the most polished desktop experience.

My annoyances with OSX:

1) Inconsistent window focus with the mouse. Sometime I click on a button in a windows out of focus, and instead of the button being pressed, the window containing it become in focus. So nothing happen, I need to click a second time to activate the button. Under Window, if you see a button and you click on it, it doesn't matter if the window is in focus or not. The button is going to be pressed.

2) The common menu bar at the top of the screen. I like to have many application running at the same time on my desktop, and they are all arranged to cover the screen. When an application window is located at the bottom-right of the screen, for instance, and I need to access its menu, I have to move the cursor down to the bottom-right to put the focus on the window, then move the cursor all the way up to access the menu, and if needs be to interact more with the application's window, I need to move the cursor all the way back again to the bottom. In Windows, if I need to interact with an application, I just move my cursor to its window and everything is nearby.

3) Only way to resize a window with the mouse is by dragging the bottom-right corner. In Windows, you can resize using all four sides of the windows.

That's it. You guys knows tricks to reduce the annoyance on those three points?

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jabbotts Member since:

After growing up on dos/win3.1 too winXP platforms and long ago forgetting the last time I build a rig that didn't have a dual boot to some Linux based distribution, I go the other way.

I click on a Windows icon then return to what I was doing since I know how long the new app will take to load; suddenly it's hijacked my mouse cursor and screen focus. WTF! I know the blood program is loading and I'll go back to it for the task I need to complete when I, the user, am ready.. not at the OS whim. - I can't tell you the number of times I've looked away for a second and found half my typing in the new program window.

For consistency.. look no further than ms Office.. the [X] behaves differently across the suit of applications; but I digress.

How about my multiple desktops.. oh.. wait.. let me go get a third party app to support a function that is native to every other window manager I've ever seen outside of a few obscure ones (PVWM is it?).

When something crashes in Windows, it rarely only takes out it's own thread. - the number of times I've lost all open websites because Flash or some bug in IE baked the collection of windows is beyond counting. This extends to crashing Excel worksheets due to bad memory management in the Excel or the IT framework it uses.

I need to learn osX keyboard commands better before I can comment there. I don't like touchpads on there own let alone for a primarily mouse driven OS but with a mouse plugged in, osX is a happy place. Ye 'Ole crtl+F9 for a distant view of your desktop is fantastic though. I don’t use it enough to really know it’s personality traits intimately though unlike the above and below.

For me, getting home too my preferred OS (neither of the above) is like sitting down into custom shaped bucket seats in a personal car after spending all day sitting no a bench seat in a deliver truck. Everything just seems to behave the right way. No new window mouse/focus hijackings (dis UI is going to Nicaragua!). No new mouse only or miserable touchpad only controls. No crashes that take down more than the single offending program thread. Any new function I may need on a whim is but a single command or GUI click package install away.

But that's just me and I'll make whatever OS is put infront of me run like a tuned F1 race car; as best it can anyhow.

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apoclypse Member since:

For your windows rat you forgot to mention the one thing that pisses me off about windows since the win95 days. When I want my machine restarted, I want to restart it NOW, not 10 minutes from now. Vista and Xp take forever to restart if you have anything running or if there is an errant process (which is way to common) and with 2K and up the CTRL-ALT-DEL won't just shutdown the machine the way it used to. Whenever Ubuntu starts to act funny (because I love to tinker way too much for my own good) and I need to restart, using the kernel magic restarts the machine immediately. If I still have control of the gui then going to the exit button in gnome will *gasp* restart the computer exactly when I tell it to.

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