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Mono Project "Does GNOME co-founder Miguel de Icaza's backflip over the Novell-Microsoft deal a few days ago mean that he has finally been convinced that he is on a one-way path to nowhere? Has he realised that his own project, Mono, is actually putting GNOME on a development track that can leave it open to patent claims one day? And has he realised that creating Moonlight, a clone of Microsoft's Silverlight, (with which the company hopes to trump Adobe's Flash) is not going to advance the cause of free software one iota?"
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RE: Destructive
by mabhatter on Wed 12th Mar 2008 06:10 UTC in reply to "Destructive"
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it's ALL about politics... when you lie with dogs, you get the fleas.

There's no point in an open source C# implementation. It's nice to think you can play in Microsoft's world, but nobody can. period. It's played out countless times that they eat their partners. While Microsoft may have supported Mono, they basically accused all of the other linux technology Novell used to support it as "infringing" what great business partners!!!

The technology of C# was just a copy of Java anyway. Again, basically stolen from their attempt to implement Java under contract with SUN when Microsoft bailed on them. The whole point is that Mono will ALWAYS be a closed box.. always behind... This guy was determined hell or high water to drag Gnome right into the middle of this mess.

There were a lot of other projects that could have used the help, Gnome should have used python or such that was already established, and runs just fine on windows. Miguel is still thinking old school, like Charlie Brown, that Lucy (Microsoft) will let his company kick the football this time.... really! It is politics, Microsoft doesn't play fair, it's time to build our OWN way of doing things and somebody hugely important, with the resources to do it, is trying to be buddy with the one company with a proven record of not playing fair... what a waste of years and millions of dollars, not to mention the diminishment of a great linux distro (SuSe) into an also-ran.

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