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Mono Project "Does GNOME co-founder Miguel de Icaza's backflip over the Novell-Microsoft deal a few days ago mean that he has finally been convinced that he is on a one-way path to nowhere? Has he realised that his own project, Mono, is actually putting GNOME on a development track that can leave it open to patent claims one day? And has he realised that creating Moonlight, a clone of Microsoft's Silverlight, (with which the company hopes to trump Adobe's Flash) is not going to advance the cause of free software one iota?"
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RE[2]: all politics
by djames on Wed 12th Mar 2008 06:49 UTC in reply to "RE: all politics"
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"There isn't really any chance they would be sued, as the core technology which they use is under ECMA."

I apologize. Instead of stating the two words "Microsoft" and "lawsuit" I should have clearly used "Microsoft" and "f*cking over a project without the court system".

"There are legitimate concerns around mono, but you didn't even touch on any of them."

You've proved my point WHY Fortune 500 companies are not investing in MONO.

MONO has one advantage. MIGRATION. Company wants to port their Windows .NET infrastructure to Linux? Use MONO as the bridge and gradually port. Company wants to move from Linux to MS .NET? Use MONO.

As you notice, it's a whole lot easier to port from Windows .NET to Linux using MONO. HENCE A THREAT TO MICROSOFT. Do I need to remind you Microsoft makes $$$ on middle tier infrastructure?

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