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Mono Project "Does GNOME co-founder Miguel de Icaza's backflip over the Novell-Microsoft deal a few days ago mean that he has finally been convinced that he is on a one-way path to nowhere? Has he realised that his own project, Mono, is actually putting GNOME on a development track that can leave it open to patent claims one day? And has he realised that creating Moonlight, a clone of Microsoft's Silverlight, (with which the company hopes to trump Adobe's Flash) is not going to advance the cause of free software one iota?"
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As long as Microsoft claims that Linux violates (something like) 235 of its patents, I do not wonder at all if people in the Linux camp don't want to touch software technology that is designed by Microsoft. Why would they want to enforce Microsoft's patent claims?

What might those MS patents be? Maybe nothing but just thin air.

Of course, as Microsoft does not want to clarify what those infringed patents might be, it may only be bluffing, maybe trying to extort money and more patent deals, and especially to scare people away from Linux. But even if it was all just baseless FUD and extortion, it seems only natural to me if many Linux people do not trust Microsoft and if they are also afraid to use Microsoft related open source software like Moonlight and Mono however open standards many of those technologies are claimed to be. It seems perfectly natural human behaviour to me when facing threats from others.

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