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Mono Project "Does GNOME co-founder Miguel de Icaza's backflip over the Novell-Microsoft deal a few days ago mean that he has finally been convinced that he is on a one-way path to nowhere? Has he realised that his own project, Mono, is actually putting GNOME on a development track that can leave it open to patent claims one day? And has he realised that creating Moonlight, a clone of Microsoft's Silverlight, (with which the company hopes to trump Adobe's Flash) is not going to advance the cause of free software one iota?"
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RE[2]: Mono is a trojan horse
by segedunum on Thu 13th Mar 2008 01:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Mono is a trojan horse"
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True, that Linux dude really made a mistake when he decided to make a Free implementation of that Unix stuff.

Independent implementations were developed that followed the Unix model loosely, as well is implementing a genuinely open standard such as Posix. GNU stands for GNU is Not Unix, remember. Implementing a set of standards that are licensed for an unspecified amount of time under reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, and where you're following these standards, is a bit of a different ball game and it's simply not one worth playing.

As a comparison, you could create a runtime environment inspired by the CLR, but which doesn't follow the ECMA core, and create APIs that look vaguely like the .Net framework but which don't map to it one-to-one, and you'd be in the clear - and Microsoft's own patent text would confirm it for you!

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