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Linux "When my girlfriend visits me, she has to work on a mini PC while I use my laptop to finish whatever I postponed at the office. Her PC has a 1GHz VIA processor and 128 MB of RAM and runs Ubuntu. You can imagine how slowly it boots, even with Linux installed, and GNOME runs so slowly that it's quite irritating. I didn't want to reformat and install a lightweight Linux distribution like Fluxbuntu because the mini PC doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, and I already had 10GB of data that would have taken a long time to back up. Instead, I found and installed some lightweight software to improve her computing experience."
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RE[3]: PCs are cheap now days
by whartung on Fri 14th Mar 2008 23:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: PCs are cheap now days"
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Also, just because something is cheap, doens't mean it can't be wasted. We all revel in the new technology, but at the same time can lament that we need this much horsepower to do the same tasks that have been essentially unchanged for the past 10 years.

Yet, a 10 year old machine is not even viable today.

It's been making me want to move back to the simpler tools of software development just I can curtail the resources needed just to create software. Speaking mostly of Java now, the modern IDEs and app servers etc. are just SO BIG, and so hungry, yet are still aggravatingly slow. We used to be able to support companies on a computer with less power (and storage/RAM for that matter) than the iPhone. Now we need rooms filled with them.

Just seems like we're on a treadmill and it doesn't get appreciably better. It still takes forever to get apps out, and they're still slow.

It seems modern machines have just enabled more buearacracy than actual work.

Just lamenting, you can't go back, just hard to see the progress beyond gradients and bouncy buttons sometimes.

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RE[4]: PCs are cheap now days
by Sodapop on Sat 15th Mar 2008 00:06 in reply to "RE[3]: PCs are cheap now days"
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Well, it's viable to me. It would also be viable to my friend who would love to have a computer but can't afford one.

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RE[4]: PCs are cheap now days
by B12 Simon on Mon 17th Mar 2008 12:40 in reply to "RE[3]: PCs are cheap now days"
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It seems modern machines have just enabled more buearacracy than actual work.

I only wish I could have put it that well!

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