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Multimedia, AV Since there is absolutely nothing going on in the tech world today (really, we checked the internet), we figured some off-topic lightness might be a good idea for this Saturday night (it's night already in The Netherlands). The question we pose to you today has absolutely nothing to do with operating systems, computers, or technology: what albums are you most looking forward to in the coming one, two years? I blogged about my five most-awaited albums for 2008/2009, and this is my list (all albums are yet to be named): Fiona Apple's 4th album (I kind of really like Fiona Apple), the 7th studio album by The Cardigans, Garbage's successor to "Bleed Like Me", A Camp's coming second album, and Garbage front-woman Shirley Manson's first solo album. Post your favourites in the comments!
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One for the Netherlands.....
by Nehemoth on Sat 15th Mar 2008 22:38 UTC
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Actually I'm expecting some albums for some great bands once of those from the Netherlands..So here they're in not particular order

Pestilence (the one) album.
Cynic new album
Aghora New Album..
Spiral Architect....

There are some others but those are the greatest one, hope to be not disappointed.

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RE: One for the Netherlands.....
by Adam S on Sat 15th Mar 2008 23:16 in reply to "One for the Netherlands....."
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If Cynic actually gets around to finishing and releasing a new album, it will be one of the most anticipated album for me in my life, as well as one of the most anticipated in their genre EVER.

Personally, I'm awaiting a new release from The Decemberists and Colin Meloy.

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Lakedaemon Member since:

I agree with both of you.

Yet the album I would really sell my soul for is the next album of Death (with the "Human" or the "Individual thought pattern" line up)...

Guess I'll have to wait till I'm damned in Hell for that...sigh...

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TLZ_ Member since:

I saw Cynic(reunion) last summer actually. Good concert. ;)

They even played one of their new songs. Sounding good, although less heavy and more more... fusion/jazz/i-don't-know-what-ish.

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Liquidator Member since:

If the artist should be from the Netherlands, then I'll wait for Cardamar's next album. In the meantime you can listen to his excellent mixes:

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PunchCardGuy Member since:

Well, speaking of The Netherlands, it sure would be great if Lemur Voice would get back together and do something new, but very little hope of that.

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Javier O. Augusto Member since:

Florida's legendary CYNIC putting up a new album on planet earth, who'd have thought????!!!! Thanks for the info!!!!!!
Aeon Spoke is a great band btw

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RE: One for the Netherlands.....
by TLZ_ on Mon 17th Mar 2008 08:33 in reply to "One for the Netherlands....."
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Spiral Architect will probably take forever. Prettymuch all members are involved in multiple other bands and music projects. I'll come one day though, and hopefully it will be as strong as A Sceptic's Universe.

btw. Spiral Architect isn't the only norwegian band playing tech-metal. A band you should check out if you like Spiral Architect is Twisted Into Form. It features Kaj Gornitzka(rythm guitars in Spiral Architect) and Leif Knashaug(also involved with SA at some point.)

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