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Multimedia, AV Since there is absolutely nothing going on in the tech world today (really, we checked the internet), we figured some off-topic lightness might be a good idea for this Saturday night (it's night already in The Netherlands). The question we pose to you today has absolutely nothing to do with operating systems, computers, or technology: what albums are you most looking forward to in the coming one, two years? I blogged about my five most-awaited albums for 2008/2009, and this is my list (all albums are yet to be named): Fiona Apple's 4th album (I kind of really like Fiona Apple), the 7th studio album by The Cardigans, Garbage's successor to "Bleed Like Me", A Camp's coming second album, and Garbage front-woman Shirley Manson's first solo album. Post your favourites in the comments!
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the past
by mikesum32 on Sun 16th Mar 2008 04:36 UTC
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Alright, I forgot to log in and f--king osnews ate my comment and bitched about anonymous posts when I hit submit. The back button took me back to an empty comment page.

I'm not typing all that shit (html formating plus what I wrote) out again. Why even have the comment box down there if it's turned off ? It'd be nice to know before it ate my post. Blah blah.

The past is has more music everyday.
Talking Heads. Good songs include Psycho Killer, And She Was, Road To Nowhere, Once In A Lifetime, Burning Down The House.

Today I heard REM's new song, Supernatural Superserious, on the radio, and it sounded pretty good.

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RE: the past
by flanque on Sun 16th Mar 2008 05:10 in reply to "the past"
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Yes, that pisses me off too. I wish they'd fix that.

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