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Windows If you are sticking with XP - and plenty of us are - and you're planning to miss the upgrade to Vista read this article on the Australian PC World. It looks at big questions like: will Windows XP still be properly supported by Microsoft and, as a primary development target, by third parties? Is there something we've missed, some hidden gotcha that's going to trip us up?
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by gavin.mccord on Tue 18th Mar 2008 11:01 UTC
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I, for one, wish Microsoft would stop trying to make a showstopper OS and concentrate on providing a simple platform for their own and third-party applications. Forget bells and whistles, it's the programs which matter, not the OS.

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by acamfield on Tue 18th Mar 2008 12:44 in reply to "Platform"
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Here, here! Why keep trying to come up with something new and have to deal with all the "new" problems and incompatibilities when they could just fix the problems with their existing OS and software? If I wanted to be snide, I would say that MS OS's are so badly designed that they can't be fixed. But I really think it is because too many good technical decisions get over ruled for business or other non-technical reasons. I'll leave it to the rest of you to surmise as to what those other reasons are. (hint: Embrace, Extend, Extinguish)

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