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Editorial "I used KDE as my primary desktop from 1996 through 2006, when I installed the GNOME version of Ubuntu and found that I liked it better than the KDE desktop I'd faced every morning for so many years. Last January, I got a new Dell Latitude D630 laptop and decided to install Kubuntu on it, but within a few weeks, I went back to GNOME. Does this mean GNOME is now a better desktop than KDE, or just that I have become so accustomed to GNOME that it's hard for me to give it up?"
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RE[5]: From GNOME to KDE and back
by leos on Sat 22nd Mar 2008 20:16 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: From GNOME to KDE and back"
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Sure not all of Gnome have plugins, but more and more programs do. You can add functionality to Gedit, Totem and Rhythembox through plugins, and I wouldn't be surprised to see more programs adopt this.

Ok... But individual plugins is not the same as an extension system like Firefox has. And plugins have existed in applications for ages, in all toolkits/desktops/OSes.

And besides that many applications DO have an integrated spell checker.

It's nicer to have a global one. Less code duplication, and I don't have to teach each spell checker the same new words.

And what's wrong with the file dialog?

It's slow, has broken autocomplete, you can't do many common file operations in it (like rename), and the location bar is unintuitively hidden (last time I checked).

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