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Windows "When Windows 7 launches sometime after the start of 2010, the desktop OS will be Microsoft's most 'modular' yet. Having never really been comfortable with the idea of a single, monolithic desktop OS offering, Microsoft has offered multiple desktop OSes in the marketplace ever since the days of Windows NT 3.1, with completely different code bases until they were unified in Windows 2000. Unification isn't necessarily a good thing, however; Windows Vista is a sprawling, complex OS. A singular yet highly modular OS could give Microsoft the best of all possible worlds: OSes that can be highly customized for deployment but developed monolithically. One modular OS to rule them all, let's say."
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I really hope ...
by latte on Mon 24th Mar 2008 00:23 UTC
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... that Windows 7 *does* use subscription.

That'll just push more and more people onto other OSs, be they Linux, BSD or whatever. Keep up the good work, Microsoft!

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RE: I really hope ...
by sappyvcv on Mon 24th Mar 2008 02:30 in reply to "I really hope ... "
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Why do you care what other operating system people use? That seems kind of pathetic to me.

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RE[2]: I really hope ...
by bnolsen on Mon 24th Mar 2008 03:35 in reply to "RE: I really hope ... "
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Because microsoft does what it can to make my life much harder as a software developer. They want you to do things the Microsoft way or go the highway.

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