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RE: Comment by RazvanM
by Nossie on Mon 24th Mar 2008 14:32 UTC in reply to "Comment by RazvanM"
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it makes sense, but only if the prisoners had never been outside in the first place... (i.e had never been windows users)

I grew up with windows[*] (1994+) and dabbled in linux (rh 5.2 1996+) - hated macs (bad memories from school).. (used beos for a short while in 1998+) I bought a cheap mac off ebay (G4 cube 2005+) and used it for years as a server (still running as a server btw)

Since then the only computer I have left thats windows is one my parents use.. the computer I'm typing on is running linux with a broken vista install that I cant be bothered fixing... I bought a macbook pro last november and I must say that comparing it to a windows laptop its a real breath of fresh air... I ran vista on that for about 8 months but I dont really have a use for it now since I dont play that many games.

I've really grown to like apple and os x... but what they've done to the iphone nearly brings me to tears (so many years of microsoft and their business tactics do that to you).. I'll be the first to admit that if apple were in microsofts position they wouldn't be any different.

This analogy only works for the real fanboys ... and you get those whether its linux, apple, microsoft, xbox, ps3 whatever...

Proportionally I'd say there was as many MS fanboys as apple ones.. maybe the apple/linux ones just have more passion and feel they should shout louder because they are swamped in a sea of windows flags?

In all honesty, having looked at the wikipedia link... if the sun really was MS then I wouldnt need to be chained to the wall to stay in the cave ;)

OTOH, if you consider the sun as "the world is the way it is and you need to get over it" which is my perception of "the absolute truth" then maybe things would be different..

But, that doesnt stop the apple fanboys running out of the cave and trying to cover up the sun, does it?

I fell off the Amiga train when it crashed.. and barely missed the BeOS one... I'm only left spiteful of the many truly beautiful superior companies and ideas that Microsoft and intel have trainwrecked.

[*] Up until 1994, I used mainly consoles a Commodore C64/ Amiga 500/1200 and the odd zx spectrum... I only caught on to BeOS by a cover disk and shortly after that the company shut its doors..

On hindsight, maybe Microsoft was the first sign that computers would be commoditized and sold for the cheapest denominator .. makes sense looking at Sun and dear Sgi

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