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OSNews, Generic OSes "Whitix is a 32-bit operating system for the Intel and AMD range of processors, licensed under the GNU GPL. It features a C compiler (tcc), Python, assembler (nasm), text editor, shell and filesystem formatter. See the Introduction to Whitix for more information." Version 0.03 was released a month ago. My, aren't we sharp today.
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it all started - the Preface...

"...Hey Joe! Hey Frank! Cool party yesterday, huh? Yeah, dude, cool - and lots beer! Yeah, that was great. Hey, listen, when I stepped out for a moment, you know - huh - I was thinking, you know. With all that cool Linux stuff, you know, how'bout we make our own little X-kinda thingie, you know. Stuff with X, out there with people working for us, you know. Hey, coool, dude, that's fun, huh-huh. You know, we're in charge and tell them what to do, you know, huh! Dude, awesome, dude! Hey, you know, let's get started, huh! Hey, the other day I downloaded the code from FreeDOS, you know, huh! We can get started there, you know. Cool, dude! Awesome, you know, I still have my web-site cupon here somewhere, huh. Cool, man, let's load some stuff up there, you know. With screen shots and other trivia what people are asking for, you know, you know, huh! You're DA MAN, dude, DA MAN, huh! Now one last thing, you know, the name! What's the name of that stuff, you know, a nice name, flashy and cool, you know. Something with an X in it, huh, that goes the best, you know. Yeah, hmm, hmm, you know, how'bout DosequiXX, kinda like the beer from Mexico, huh? That's cool, whatdayathink, huh? Yeah, no, dude, not good, you know. Hey, you know what, huh, the X-thing is usually with white letters, huh, you know, huh? Yeah, dude, what's your point, huh? You know, we can call it the White - X thingie or so, huh, whatdayathink, huh? What, huh? WhiteX, nah, bah, huh. How'bout WhitX, nah, nah. Hmmm, WhitiX? Whoa, dude, YOU ROCK, dude! Com'on, let's get started, huh! WhitiX, cool, dude, AWESOME! Now, let's go have a beer, huh, you know, a Dosequis, you know, with two Xs in the logo, dude..."

...and so it all began! The world anxiously anticipates the 1st Alpha release around 2030 (A.D. that is), unless...

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Well, Mister SpeechManiac,

You may have a point, but your sarkasm is a exaggerated, don't you think? I mean, if your point is there are many new OSes already and only a few will see the finish line.

Why not another OS? I think it's cool to start a new one. But I agree with you, it's like the Paris-Dakkar ralley where only a handful of contestants will make it to the Finish-line. Except there is no Finish-line (nor is there a Start-line... but that's only philosophical).

I personally think with Linux in general we already have an excellent horse in the race against Microsoft, Apple, Symbian, etc... I couldn't see myself investing time in yet another pony trying to get it where the horse already was. But again, that's just me.

In any case, I salute the guy(s) at WhitiX trying to create a new star in the Open Source Universe! I'll keep an eye on them and see, how far they'll fly...

But I do have to say, I found your posting rather funny! Don't know why you got all those negatives. Do you really think, they cooked that up after a party, haha? During a hangover I don't particularly think of an OS, hahaha...

Anyway, this forum could loosen up a bit and your contribution may just be that.

Best regards.

PS: Smile and be happy!

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