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Features, Office Version 2.4 of the OpenOffice productivity suite was released on Thursday, boasting enhancements to all its core components. Possibly the most significant alteration in the new version of the free suite is in the description of file types. The 'OpenDocument' description has been replaced by 'ODF', which stands for 'OpenDocument Format' and is becoming a well-known acronym thanks to rivalry with Microsoft's controversial OOXML format.
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New features
by msundman on Sat 29th Mar 2008 23:33 UTC
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RE: New features
by sbergman27 on Sat 29th Mar 2008 23:44 in reply to "New features"
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Yeah. One of my users has been whining about how she needs MS Office and can't use OpenOffice 2.3 because the spreadsheet doesn't have drag 'n drop reordering of columns. This should silence that feeble excuse.

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RE[2]: New features
by sappyvcv on Sun 30th Mar 2008 01:51 in reply to "RE: New features"
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Damn those whining users that you're being paid to support and help to do their job. Always whining and not using *my* preferred software.

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RE[2]: New features
by raver31 on Sun 30th Mar 2008 08:49 in reply to "RE: New features"
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I simply cannot be expected to change from one system to another, the outside world is all bright and scary !

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RE: New features
by ahz1 on Sun 30th Mar 2008 00:19 in reply to "New features"
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2007-04-05 is the article on the subject--but I am bias. ;)

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