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Features, Office Version 2.4 of the OpenOffice productivity suite was released on Thursday, boasting enhancements to all its core components. Possibly the most significant alteration in the new version of the free suite is in the description of file types. The 'OpenDocument' description has been replaced by 'ODF', which stands for 'OpenDocument Format' and is becoming a well-known acronym thanks to rivalry with Microsoft's controversial OOXML format.
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RE: It's going slowely but surely
by raver31 on Sun 30th Mar 2008 08:48 UTC in reply to "It's going slowely but surely"
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So it is not for you, and hopefully in the future they will change it so that it does the job for you ?

Tell me, when it was not up to the job the last time, did you give feedback to the developers ? Did you ask them to include the features you wanted ?
Did you help them at all be even sending something like a screenshot of what you were after ?

Are they supposed to be psychic and instinctively know what each and every user needs ?

The computer world does not exist purely for YOU.

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archiesteel Member since:

Office 2003 is sufficient as a target. Seriously, there are not enough improvements in Office 2007 to warrant trying to clone it. I'm still hunting down some features and options in its "oh so original" UI.

Office 2003 (and even Office 2000) were the height of usability and features for me. Hitting that target would be sufficient for 98% of users.

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No need to be so defensive. OOo is still really not up to par with MS Office in many significant respects. Heck, some of the basics that OOo Writer sucks at (like para selection, bullet/numbered list editing, normal mode) are implemented better in Abiword! OOo deficiencies (some of them - quite ancient and glaring ones) are well documented by many people, including filing bugreports (many of which had no real action on them in 5 years).

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Could you tell me more about this "para selection"? What exactly does this mean?

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