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Features, Office Version 2.4 of the OpenOffice productivity suite was released on Thursday, boasting enhancements to all its core components. Possibly the most significant alteration in the new version of the free suite is in the description of file types. The 'OpenDocument' description has been replaced by 'ODF', which stands for 'OpenDocument Format' and is becoming a well-known acronym thanks to rivalry with Microsoft's controversial OOXML format.
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RE[7]: New features
by raver31 on Sun 30th Mar 2008 08:52 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: New features"
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Using Office is NOT stopping them from communicating. Way to exagerate man.

emmm excuse me ?

compatibility between MSOffice versions is top notch and all email attachements always open in all versions, my office 2007 can be safely sent to another company running office 2003 and they can open them without any problems whatsoever.....
and monkeys fly outta my butt.

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RE[8]: New features
by sappyvcv on Sun 30th Mar 2008 13:46 in reply to "RE[7]: New features"
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Oh please. OpenOffice has its own issues too.

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RE[9]: New features
by sbergman27 on Sun 30th Mar 2008 14:56 in reply to "RE[8]: New features"
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Oh please. OpenOffice has its own issues too.

Minimal problems. It's relatively easy and cost effective to use a current OO.o release, due to the freedom from licensing costs, and the associated, and rather tedious, administrative overhead of keeping track of license entitlements. (Wouldn't want officers of the BSA breaking down the door, would we?) Speaking from experience, my customers used to have some formatting problems when reading certain MSO-generated documents. And yes, it was a bit of a pain. But I've not experienced this to any significant degree in any of the 2.x.x releases. i.e. for about 2.5 years.

I'll observe that your saying "OpenOffice has its own issues too" sure makes it sound like you've gone into defensive mode. ;-)

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