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General Development Amanda developers released Amanda 2.6.0 today. This is a significant update to Amanda backup software with improvements in ease of installation and configuration, security, scalability and robustness. Amanda 2.6.0 is available for download (in both source and binary-package form) here. Update: Other interesting open source releases today: Inkscape 0.46, AbiWord 2.6.0 and Ardour 2.4.0.
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RE[2]: Amanda vs Bacula vs ... ?
by Redeeman on Wed 2nd Apr 2008 12:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Amanda vs Bacula vs ... ?"
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tape?! does it also support storage which arent crappy and antiquated?

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Yes it also supports disk. Tape is still widely used. It would be a waste to have spindles used for archival data. A 12TB SAN is going to cost maybe 30k+ and is expensive to expand, while 12TB of 800GB LTO-3 (not sure about LTO-4) tapes and a autochanger/library may only cost around 7k.

It depends on how you are using the information. For archiving or long term retention, tape is the best way to go. A 800GB LTO-3 tape is only $39.99.

When my 16tape autochanger is getting full, I can just get some more tapes. It may not be as convenient to have all you data at a moments notice, but for some things, you don't really need that. Any large business that has large amounts of data that needs to be backed up/archived/retained is going to have a tape silo or something similar. The price is just too good.

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welcome to the enterprise world mate.

Tapes aren't crappy and antiquated. A single LTO4 tape can hold 800GB of data. About 1.5TB with compression.

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I wouldn't exactly call tape antiquated. Its an old technology, yes, but still much cheaper than DVD or hard disk backups in most cases. You can get a 400/800 (compressed) gig LTO3 tape for about $40 these days, with an estimated life expectancy much greater than that of standard hard drives (30 years for most tape providers). LTO4 tapes go even higher. Combine that with a drive changer that can handle 30 or 60 tapes and you generally have enough backup storage to last a long while.

When you are doing enterprise backup work, there's nothing better than tape.

And on the other side of the coin, bacula supports using HDD and DVD volumes just like tape. I used disk volumes on a 5 TB SAN array for a while, until I moved back to tape because, frankly, tape was faster and more reliable for our needs. I'm currently backing-up over 100 individual systems and 2TB a month on a 30-slot fiber channel LTO3 changer with bacula.

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tape?! does it also support storage which arent crappy and antiquated?

In short; yes.

But; maybe you have something else that can hold a terabyte backup? I'm all ears because I haven't found something outside of tape that can hold a 250 gig drive let alone a TB. Sure, RAID5 does a nice job of your "hot backup" storage server but what do you do for the cold backups kept off site.

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I dont support uninformed morons who think tape is crappy and antiquated.

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