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General Development Amanda developers released Amanda 2.6.0 today. This is a significant update to Amanda backup software with improvements in ease of installation and configuration, security, scalability and robustness. Amanda 2.6.0 is available for download (in both source and binary-package form) here. Update: Other interesting open source releases today: Inkscape 0.46, AbiWord 2.6.0 and Ardour 2.4.0.
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RE[3]: Amanda vs Bacula vs ... ?
by iicy on Wed 2nd Apr 2008 13:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Amanda vs Bacula vs ... ?"
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Yes it also supports disk. Tape is still widely used. It would be a waste to have spindles used for archival data. A 12TB SAN is going to cost maybe 30k+ and is expensive to expand, while 12TB of 800GB LTO-3 (not sure about LTO-4) tapes and a autochanger/library may only cost around 7k.

It depends on how you are using the information. For archiving or long term retention, tape is the best way to go. A 800GB LTO-3 tape is only $39.99.

When my 16tape autochanger is getting full, I can just get some more tapes. It may not be as convenient to have all you data at a moments notice, but for some things, you don't really need that. Any large business that has large amounts of data that needs to be backed up/archived/retained is going to have a tape silo or something similar. The price is just too good.

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