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General Development Amanda developers released Amanda 2.6.0 today. This is a significant update to Amanda backup software with improvements in ease of installation and configuration, security, scalability and robustness. Amanda 2.6.0 is available for download (in both source and binary-package form) here. Update: Other interesting open source releases today: Inkscape 0.46, AbiWord 2.6.0 and Ardour 2.4.0.
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RE: Amanda vs Bacula vs ... ?
by segedunum on Wed 2nd Apr 2008 15:08 UTC in reply to "Amanda vs Bacula vs ... ?"
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I had to look into backup solutions some time ago, and Amanda and Bacula were the two I got down to. While Amanda has been around for some time, is very mature and has improved greatly recently, if it's a network backup system with all the 'enterprisey' features you think you need then Bacula is pretty incredible. You can take all manner of expensive backup software such as Netbackup, drop it in the bin and replace it with Bacula. It even has a nice GUI now. In later versions (> 1.38) it now lets you mount a partition before backup and unmount it afterwards for safety.

Bacula has clients for Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS and anything it will compile on, the Windows client uses Volume Shadow Copy and it's possible to backup and restore ACLs on any platform and have any tape, disk or backup medium arrangement you can think of. We use it in conjunction with LVM snapshots to make downtime as long as it takes to create a read-only snapshot.

I have three of these Linkstation devices at different locations:

They are all modified to run a full Debian Freelink distribution as described in that article, all with Bacula installed and all backing up to internal and external hard drives, as well as off-site. Many people still use tape quite happily (we don't for cost and manpower reasons mainly), but it is a very good idea to have some form of disk based backup as well. It's not as if tapes are indestructible.

Enterprise backup without the cost. Priceless.

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