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SkyOS The SkyOS team has released build 6915. "This build features the complete new software store as well as the new viewer supporting location favorites and a query panel. Additionally the new C++ API got a lot of new features like Job support, HTTP download, etc. Just take a loot at this video to see the new features in action."
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The want me to pay up to even try the damn thing?


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WereCatf Member since:

Yes, they have not released the final version nor a trial livecd yet and as such, you have to pay to be able to get to try it. But paying that one-time-fee allows you to use any upcoming releases all the way to the final release. If that doesn't sound like a good deal to you then you are clearly not the target audience. Your loss, I'd say.

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"Your loss, I'd say."

I am one of the idiots who paid to be a beta tester.
If I hadn't, I wouldn't have lost anything, excepting for satisfying my curiosity.

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Give the guy a break.Its not a kill-cow donation and the end product is free to those who paid up for the testing.

If anything its well deserved.

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Alex Forster Member since:

All money goes toward the various costs associated with development (hosting, hardware for testing, etc). No one is paid. And, as was said, you also get the final version once it is released.

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