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Benchmarks "Testing 64-bit performance is still a somewhat dicey proposition. Major benchmarks are either lacking, or don't work properly. For example, SYSmark 2007 simply doesn't run on a 64-bit OS (Vista or XP). And while there's now a 3ds Max 9 SPECapc benchmark, the benchmark crashes consistently with a scripting error before it completes when running on 3ds Max 9 64-bit under Vista 64-bit. On the other hand, there are more 64-bit applications and benchmarks now. That system-sapping game, Crysis, ships with a 64-bit client. 3ds Max 9, Lightwave 9, POV-Ray, and the Cinebench rendering benchmark all have 64-bit versions. Futuremark's PCMark Vantage offers a 64-bit version of that Vista-centric, synthetic test. On top of that, anyone using 64-bit Vista will still be running a lot of 32-bit applications. So we benchmarked some of those as well. Let's take a look at the benchmarks and test system."
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No problem with VMware drivers?

I've been running Vista x64 (4GiB RAM) at work since I saw it gave me almost 500MiB more memory to VMware server.
The only thing I mustn't do is install SP1 or specific updates as it'll break the setting to disable signed driver checks.
Just about all programs installed and running are 32bit and I haven't had any problems with these. Exception is the latest VMware Virtualcenter client, that one refuses to install.

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this is VMWare Workstation, not VI3 installed on my Vista desktop. My VI3 client to access our ESX servers resides on my 32-bit XP equipped Thinkpad.

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