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Windows Microsoft will shutter its Windows XP line June 30, as planned, ceasing sales of Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home to retailers and direct OEMs, Microsoft confirmed to eWEEK April 3. The statement from Redmond executives ends weeks of speculation that Microsoft would extend the life of the operating system as users turn up their nose at Vista, the operating system meant to supplant XP, and OEMs argue lighter versions of desktops and notebooks don't have the juice to run Vista.
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My brief Vista 'week'
by JacobMunoz on Fri 4th Apr 2008 02:15 UTC
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It was pre-installed on a new HP laptop my company provided. I'll admit I was curious, but it was a morbid kind of curious - and rightly so. We couldn't use VS 2003 or 2005 (again, I don't want to hear the argument that they work - the compatability buglist is absolutely appalling and effectively unusable). After replacing the new Explorer with BBlean (Blackbox for win) it was bearable, hell I'll admit it was almost pretty. But it was useless without fully-working development tools and there wasn't the luxury of waiting for VS 2008 to be released. So after a week of hope and disapointment, we determined it wasn't worth the effort. The scary part is that we had to use the last XP license...

invest in gold?..

no, invest in boxed copies of XP before it's too late

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RE: My brief Vista 'week'
by stestagg on Fri 4th Apr 2008 23:39 in reply to "My brief Vista 'week'"
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My attempt to install VS 2005 on Vista x64 went stupendously wrong, apart from taking 4x longer to install than on XP.

The installer decided half-way through to turn off WOW64 folder-redirection, leaving half of a VS install in the WOW64 Folders/Registry Keys and half in the native folders.

Of course, the un-installer gave up completely at this point, leaving me with a rather horribly broken system.

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